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Our natural treasures

Our natural treasures

The Saltregion-basin at its longest part measures 30 km, is 27 km wide with a total area of 450 square km (173.74 square miles). It streches over the territory of Sovata, Praid and Corund including the small villages that administratively belong to them, as well as Sărăţeni, Şiclod and Solocma. 

As a pleasure and health resort the Saltregion is waiting for you with a wide range of opportunities: lakes (both salt- and freshwater), plage, centre wellnes, mud-baths and the beneficial air of the salt-mine offering pure health. 
Moreover, a plentiful of cultural events are on the palette, from which the Stuffed Cabbagge Festival of Praid, the Whitsunday Potterfair of Corund, The Days of Bear-Lake of Sovata could be pointed out.
The another profit of the Saltregion, remedial mineral water springs from the deep as a result of post-volcanic activity. Most known are the mineral waters of Corund, for contributing to the recovery of many people.

The region is rich in excursion objectives: those fond of hiking can get to Bekecs Peak (1080 m), Şiclod-Rock (1028 m) through marked routes, they could even reach for the highest peak of Gurghiu Mountains, the 1777 m high Saca Mare (~ Great Meadow).
During the winter ski-trucks mean joyful entertainment, and even more, lovers of hunting can also follow their addiction throughout the shooting season.


Sóvidék surroundings attractions: 

  • Bear Lake - Sovata
  • Tivoli -Lake- Sovata
  • Salt mine-Praid
  • Snail-Slop - Corund
  • Rapsóné's Fortress- Praid  
  • Likas-Rock-Corund
  • Siclod Rock-Praid
  • Firtos - Peak- Corund
  • The Sacred Heart overlook  - Bisericani
  • Lajos  Áprily Memorial House- Praid
  • Áron Tamási Memorial House - Lupeni
  • Old villas - Sovata
  • Folk crafts: pottery, tinder-making, coal burning
  • The Wellness Centre-Praid
  • Kincses Kodáros's hill


The Hegyalja microregion offers multiple facilities for turism, recreation and healthcare, since all of the settlements have large forests and are anhabited by hospitable people. Visitors can admire the beautiful sights during the excursions and can get enchanted by traditions and cultural events.

Attractions in Hegyalja

  • Country house Satu Mare
  •  Secler gates in Hegyalja region
  •  Zetea Reservoir
  •  Csorgoko water fall


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